Regulation of the "Rinascentecard" reward scheme


Promoting Company

La Rinascente S.p.A. (hereinafter “Rinascente”) with registered office in Milan, Via Washington 70, VAT no. 05034580968. 


Description of the Reward Scheme

Collection of points through the “Rinascentecard” Loyalty Programme (hereinafter, the “Programme”).


Territorial area

National territory.



From 12/06/2023 to 31/01/2024. 


Recipients of the Reward Scheme

This Reward Scheme is intended for natural persons, of legal age, registered or who will register in the “Rinascentecard” loyalty programme, holders of the digital card called Rinascentecard (hereinafter the “Customer(s) or the “Cardholder/s”). 


Methods of carrying out the Reward Scheme

The Customers, by registering with the Programme, have the opportunity to accumulate points (hereinafter “Point/s ” or “R” points), with the understanding that one Point will correspond to one “R”, on their digital card called "Rinascentecard" thanks to the purchases made in  Rinascente stores , through the On Demand channel and/or online on the website

Each Customer may also earn Points by participating in special initiatives that will be communicated by Rinascente from time to time by email, SMS and other marketing means (if the Customer has opted in to receive marketing communications).

The Programme offers Customers access to various rewards and benefits, as described below. 


Reward Scheme communication modes

This event will be advertised through online communication, in  Rinascente stores and through social networks. Rinascente reserves the right to advertise the event through the methods most suitable for it. In any case, this event will be advertised in accordance with these Regulations and the applicable laws.


Registration in the Programme

The program can be signed up by natural persons of legal age. It is permitted to register once only.

The Programme is intended solely and exclusively for end consumers and each Customer may hold only one Rinascentecard. 

ustomers who join a different Rinascente loyalty programme are excluded from participation in this Programme.

Retailers/distributors and/or anyone who makes their purchases in the exercise of a business activity, may not register in the Programme even on behalf of their customers. 

The Rinascentecard is issued only in digital format.

Rinascente may refuse to accept a request for registration as a Cardholder in the event of suspected fraudulent use of the Programme or in the event of ownership by the Customer of a card belonging to a different Rinascente loyalty programme or to the same loyalty programme. Rinascente may refuse to offer or continue to offer access to the Programme to any person, for example, in the event of suspected fraudulent use of the Programme and may change its eligibility criteria from time to time by giving appropriate notice thereof.

All those who meet the requirements will be able to register to become a Cardholders by completing the registration procedure and providing Rinascente with updated, complete and accurate information, as more specifically required in the registration process described below. 

It will be possible to register in the Programme as follows:

  • Online at by creating an account, entering the required data, including name, surname, email address and password and accepting the Regulations. If a Customer already has an account on, by accessing the site through his/her credentials, he/she agrees to become a Cardholderof this Programme by accepting the relevant terms and conditions and by providing any missing information;
  • In  Rinascente stores , by providing the personnel in charge with the required personal data as well as the email address. After registering, the new Customer will receive an email confirming the completion of their registration in the Programme. The Customers can then access their online account at and authenticate themselves with the appropriate credentials. 

A necessary condition for participation will be the prior acknowledgement of the privacy policy and full acceptance of the Regulations. 

The personal data provided at the time of registration in the Programme must be correct and truthful.

All Cardholders are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their access credentials and other account information. 

The Cartdholders are fully responsible for all activities that will take place within their account. 


Updating of personal information

During the registration phase, the Customers must provide their personal data and email address to ensure the correct recording of Points collected. Consequently, the Cardholders are responsible for keeping their personal information accurate and up-to-date. The Cardholders may update their information through their online account at

The Cardholders may be required by Rinascente to comply with certain requests necessary to verify their identity and to update their information.


Information on points, rewards and benefits of the Programme

The Programme allows Cardholdersto earn Points on the  Rinascentecard, on an individual basis and exclusively for their own account. 

The Programme is structured in such a way as to offer certain rewards and benefits upon reaching the threshold of Points corresponding to one of the four predefined tiers, as illustrated below in the “Rewards List” table, Annex A to these Regulations.


Points and Tiers 

Following the successful registration in the Programme, for each purchase made in   Rinascente stores , through the On Demand channel and/or online on the website, the Cardholders will automatically receive 1 “R” point for every Euro (1 €) spent (each Point will correspond to one R) reflecting the total amount spent and shown on the receipt or online order confirmation. 

The minimum amount to be spent for receiving points is one euro (€ 1). 

For example: 

  • A spending of € 50.00 will entitle the Cardholder to 50 “R” points;
  • A spending equal to or less than € 0.99 will not entitle the Cardholder to any “R” point;  
  • A spending of € 1,523.00 will entitle the Cardholder to 1,523 “R” points. 

In the case of a total spending with decimal figures, the calculation of “R” points will i be rounded up. 

For example: 

  • A spending of € 125.20 will entitle the Cardholder to 126 “R” points;
  • A spending of € 26.50 will entitle the Cardholder to 27 “R” points;
  • A spending of € 623.80 will entitle the Cardholder to 624 “R” points.

The shipping costs and tailoring costs incurred by the Cardholder are also valid for the purpose of earning R points. 

The purchase of a Rinascente "Gift Card" and a Rinascente "Carta Voglio Te" does not entitle the Cardholder to earn R points, while purchases made using a Rinascente "Gift Card", a Rinascente "Carta Voglio Te" or “Refund Card” will entitle the Cardholder to earn R points.

Rinascente reserves the right to offer, in the course of this Reward Scheme, additional promotions as a benefit for its customers. In particular, extensions of a Reward Scheme, additional bonuses or better conditions for the Cardholders may be contemplated. These conditions will be communicated to the Cardholders from time to time by Rinascente depending on the  initiative being  promoted. 

In the case of purchases in  Rinascente stores , the Points will be earned by using the Rinascentecard at the time of purchase, or, alternatively, after providing the salesperson with the personal data associated with the Rinascentecard. After the purchase, the Points will be subsequently credited to the Cardholder’s account. 

However, in the case of purchases of products from spaces managed by third parties (for example at the Louis Vuitton, Unieuro, Nespresso, ) for which a receipt is not to be issued by Rinascente but instead by the third party salesperson, the Points will be credited only upon request by the Customer to the Customer Service at the stores or by contacting, within the calendar year of purchase, the Customer Service as explained on the website Rinascente reserves the right to process the R points upload within 15 days from the date of receipt of the request. 

In the event of purchase of products from spaces managed by third parties, as described above, the Cardholdersmust keep the document proving the purchase made until the Points linked to it have been credited.

In the case of online purchases on the website, the Cardholders must log in to their account and finalise the purchase; only when the order is confirmed and is sent by Rinascente, in compliance with the General Terms and Conditions of Sale posted on the website, can the Points related to the purchase be accrued. The Points will be credited to the Cardholder' personal account after the purchase. 

Similarly to the in-store purchases from spaces managed by third parties, also in the case of online purchases on the website of products in the marketplace, for which the selling is done by  a Partner of  Rinascente, the Customers will accrue the Points corresponding to the total amount spent  when the order is confirmed and sent by the partner  in compliance with the Online General Terms and Conditions of Sale posted on the website,. Marketplace products are sold by the Partner on website. The Cardholders can verify within the product sheet whether the product is sold by a Partner..

For orders placed through the On Demand channel, the R points will be awarded with the issuance of the receipt relating to that order.

For catalogue orders placed in the stores , the R points will be awarded when the final receipt is issued at the same time as the delivery of the product.

For catalogue orders placed online, the R points will be accrued only when the order is confirmed and shipped by Rinascente.

For any problem concerning any failure to credit Points to their account, the Cardholder may contact the Customer Service as explained on the website and Rinascente will resolve the issue and will credit the Points within 15 days from the date of receipt of request. 

There is no limit to the number of Points that a Cardholder can earn through purchases. The Points have no cash value and cannot be transferred or sold to third parties. 

Rinascente reserves the right to carry out the necessary checks on the proper participation of a Cardholder in the Programme, for example by revoking Points credited for purchases that do not fall within the intended use of the Programme; in any case, the account may be suspended or closed at the sole discretion of Rinascente. 

If a purchased item is returned, these Points earned by the Customer will be deducted from the total accumulated Points. The return of items purchased both online and in store will result in the automatic deduction of the Points from the account once Rinascente has confirmed the completion of the return.  

In the event of a return, the Cardholder may go into a negative balance of Points, when the value of the return is higher than the balance of Points. Cardholders will not lose the tier acquired thanks to the balance of Points earned in the previous year period.

The accumulation of Points is aimed at achieving one of the four pre-established tiers (from 1st to 4th), to which the Rewards indicated in Annex A correspond. 

Starting from the beginning of the Reward Scheme, at the time of registration in the Rinascentecard Programme, each new Customer is automatically assigned to the 1st tier.  It will be possible for Cardholdersto earn Points from the registration in the Reward Scheme program  until 31/12/2023, after which the Points earned  up to that time will be reset, without prejudice to the possibility that Rinascente decides, at its own sole discretion, to extend the deadline. In this case, notice may be given as follows: in  Rinascente stores and/or on the website and/or by email. Starting from 01/01/2024 and until 31/12/2024 it will be possible for Customers to accumulate points again, starting from the zeroed balance.

On 01/01 of each year each Customer, on the basis of the points accumulated in the previous year, will be assigned the level or tier to which they belong as indicated in Annex A, and will remain in this level until 31/12 of the year of reference.

For Customers who already hold a Rinascentecard at the start date of the Reward Scheme, for the purposes of determining the membership tier for the year 2023, Rinascente will take into consideration the spending relating to the period 01/01/2022 - 31/12 / 2022, net of returns, assessing and attributing the R points according to the general criterion of 1 R for every euro (€ 1), in the terms set out in the Attachment A -. By way of example: an expense of a total of € 1,200 relating to the period 01/01/2022 - 31/12/2022 will entitle to the assignment of tier 2.

For Customers who already hold a Rinascentecard at the start date of the Reward Scheme, for the purposes of determining the point balance, , spending incurred starting from 01/01/2023 till the  beginning of the Reward Scheme will also be taken into consideration, net of returns.


Rinascente undertakes to implement measures aimed at controlling and continuing the Programme in compliance with the proper and in good faith participation of Customers. 


Rewards and Benefits for Customers

For the list, description, characteristics and value of the individual prizes, please refer to the "Prize List" table, Annex A to these regulations.. 

In any case, the deadline for the delivery of the rewards may be extended up to six months from the end of the promotional event or from the date of request for rewards, as established by Article 1 of Presidential Decree no. 430/2001.

Customers may be offered certain benefits that they can choose to accept, including, for example, birthday gifts, welcome discounts, early and/or exclusive access to promotional initiatives, access to special events (collectively, “Benefits”). 

The available Benefits will be present in the Customer's account, accessible online at

Rinascente reserves the right to replace a Reward at any time with another of equivalent or higher value if the original item is no longer available.

The Benefits offered are not redeemable in cash and no exchange/money will be provided for a Benefit or for the redemption of a Reward.

Cardholders are solely responsible for safeguarding their Benefits and Rewards and protecting against theft and unauthorised use. Rinascente will not replace lost or stolen Benefits and Rewards.


Reward Pools

The assignment of 10,309 reward items is estimated, equal to an estimated reward pool that stands, in consideration of the data held and the rewards indicated in the Reward Scheme, at € 199,004 net of VAT, subject to final adjustment in relation to the actual number of rewards given. It is not possible to establish the exact amount of the rewards as it will depend on the purchases made by the recipients.

The market values of the rewards are to be understood as at the current date and at the commercial value.

Security deposit

Pursuant to Article 7 of Presidential Decree no. 430 of 26 October 2001, a security deposit was set aside for the rewards related to the Reward Scheme equal to 20% of the total value of the rewards available.

The security deposit was set aside by means of a surety policy.



Rinascente undertakes to keep a copy of this documentation for the entire duration of the Reward Scheme and for the following 12 months to make it available at each request by the Authority.

The self-certified regulations with self-certification by the Delegated Subject are filed with IPM ITALIA Srl, Via Premuda 2, 20900 Monza (MB).

A copy of the regulation will be available on the website


Non-deductibility of VAT

Pursuant to Article 19 paragraph 2 of Presidential Decree no. 633 of 1972, the non-deductibility of VAT will be applied to the purchase of prizes/rewards consisting of taxable assets for tax purposes, or to the payment of the substitute tax, if the prizes/rewards will be transferred without the application of VAT.


Privacy policy 

By participating in the Programme, Customers acknowledge that:

  1. a) the processing of their personal data, necessary to allow their participation in the Programme and its management, shall be carried out by Rinascente, in the capacity as data controller.
  2. b) For the correct performance of the Programme, Rinascente must carry out profiling activities consisting of the analysis of the Client's purchases and their participation in events and other activities or experiences, as these activities are necessary in order to determine the tier membership and the assignment of the benefits envisaged by the Programme itself.
  3. c) Furthermore, subject to the consent of the Client, the personal data will be processed for marketing purposes and other profiling activities by Rinascente in its capacity as data controller.

The consent to the processing of data for the purposes referred to in paragraph c) is optional and does not affect participation in the Programme.

Personal data will be processed by Rinascente in compliance with applicable data protection laws and regulations, including Regulation (EU) no. 679/2016 - General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), and will be retained for as long as necessary to fulfil the specific processing purposes described herein - and, in any case, for a period not exceeding the ordinary statutory period provided for by law on contractual liability (10 years) starting from the termination of the Programme - unless shorter or longer retention periods apply pursuant to applicable laws.

For further information, it is possible to consult the full information on the processing of personal data available in the legal section of the website and/or to contact the DPO of the Promoting Company at

By registering in the Programme, the Customer declares to have read and understood the information on the processing of personal data with regard to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal data. All information provided for participation in the Programme will be used in accordance with the information on the processing of personal data of Rinascente posted on the website        



Rinascente reserves the right to modify, even partially and at any time, the methods of participation in this Reward Scheme, giving adequate notice, not introducing any pejorative changes and safeguarding the rights already acquired by the Customers.

The decision to remain a Customer after an amendment to the Regulations constitutes full acceptance of the amended terms. 

The terms and conditions included in this regulation are void where prohibited by law. Registration is limited to one registration per person and per email address. In the event of a dispute regarding the ownership of a Customer's account, the registration will be deemed to have been made by the authorised account holder of the email address provided at the time of registration, as determined by Rinascente. For the purposes of these Regulations, the “authorised account holder” is the natural person to whom the email address was assigned by an Internet provider, online service provider or other organisation (e.g. company, school, etc.) who are responsible for assigning email addresses for the domain associated with the email address provided.

Improper use of the Programme, including non-compliance with the terms and conditions of these Regulations and non-compliance with the terms of use of the Rinascente website, the sale or exchange (or attempted sale or exchange) of Benefits, Rewards, Points or promotional offers, excessive purchases, fraud or tampering with any Benefit or Reward, including any survey or participation in prize draws, and any false statement of fact relating to the above or other improper conduct, as determined by Rinascente in its sole discretion, may result in the termination of a Customer's membership and future exclusion from participation in the Programme, the loss of all Points earned and the cancellation of Benefits or Rewards previously granted but not used. At its discretion, Rinascente also reserves the right to pursue the abuse of the Programme to the maximum extent permitted by law.

Customers may unsubscribe from the Programme at any time by contacting the Customer service at the stores or in the forms indicated on the website In the event of cancellation, the earned Points will be lost.

Points and Rewards are not transferable to third parties and cannot be combined among Customers or transferred by any means to anyone and may not be transferred to a Customer's successors and assignees. The Points accumulated are not transferable by the Customer in the event of death, as part of family relationships or in any other way.

Customers agree that participation and registration in the Programme and the use of any related product or service, including all Benefits and Rewards, are entirely at their own risk.

Rinascente disclaims all liability for system errors, viruses or malfunctioning of the Programme or any consequences thereof. Rinascente disclaims all liability for loss or damage resulting from suspension, changes, elimination or any type of amendment related to the Loyalty Programme, with the exception of liabilities that cannot be excluded by law.

To the maximum extent permitted by law, the Loyalty Programme and these terms and conditions of the Regulations and any claim or dispute arising from or relating to them, or your use of Rinascente Websites, will be governed and interpreted in accordance with the Italian law.

If any provision of these terms and conditions of the regulation should be deemed, for any reason, inapplicable, said provision shall be removed and will not affect the validity and applicability of the remaining provisions.

In the event of a dispute, we recommend that our Customers contact Rinascente Customer Service before initiating legal proceedings. Rinascente places great importance on its relationship with its Customers and will endeavour to resolve complaints informally and quickly.

For anything not included in these Regulations, Rinascente refers to the provisions of Presidential Decree 430/01, as amended.


If you have any questions regarding the terms and conditions of these Regulations, please contact the Customer Service at the stores or in the forms indicated on the website


List of Rewards