opening hours august


from monday to saturday
9.00 am - 9.00 pm


10.30 - 20.30


tuesday 15th
10.30 am - 8.30 pm



All major credit cards are accepted, including those of China Union Pay


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Équipe Giorgio Hair Stylist

la Rinascente
A flair for style and a passion for shopping

la Rinascente store in Genoa is the ideal place to find the best Italian and international brands when it comes down to fashion, accessories, beauty, home interiors and design. Here shoppers will be dazzled by the range of commodities which go from the latest cosmetics to the latest fashion just off the runway.

The constant arrival of new brands, unique commodities and the latest exclusives to la Rinascente make the store the focal point for your high-end shopping in the city. The strategic location within walking distance from the main city attractions makes a visit to the store an absolute must when in Genoa.