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Sicilò Food&View 360

Floor 5 - Food Hall
Tel. +39 391 3771774
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The name Sicilò, which might seem a commercial mispronunciation to represent Sicily, actually derives from the name of the most ancient complete piece of music that has come down to us, the Epitaph of Sicilo. Composed between the I century BC and the 2nd century AD, it was carved on a stele, found in 1866 in Turkey. Its value was not immediately clear: for a long time it was actually used as a pedestal for a vase of flowers and, for this reason, it was sawn at the base, so it could stand straight. Today, fortunately, the stele has found its place in a museum and, thanks to modern composers, it is possible to listen to the music of two thousand years ago.

The composition of a plate is like a musical score, with all the elements that must harmonize perfectly with each other. And so, linking back to that ancient story, Sicilò wants to be a space of harmony and creativity, with a cuisine that, like music, arouses infinite emotions.