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San Gregorio

6th Floor - Food Hall
Monday - Sunday from 10:00am until 10:00pm
For info. +39 06 87916655

A Gastro deli that not only pays attention, selects and enhances fresh produce but also offers a warm, welcoming and at the same time modern ambience thus recreating the atmosphere of a traditional delicatessen with a contemporary touch.
Combined with a wide selection of ‘Feudi di San Gregorio’ labels, the food stands out thanks to its deli meats and cheeses selected from among some of the best producers in Lazio and Campania together with preserves and pickles. Similarly, the cuisine is deeply rooted in the culinary tradition of Rome but with delights from other parts of Italy. Hence make room for the Carbonara, Amatriciana and Cacio e Pepe along with other local recipes all paired with wines, in bottle or by the glass, that will enhance flavours and textures.