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Rinascente has taken part in a working group organised by the Politecnico di Torino “Imprese aperte, lavoratori protetti” (Open for business, workers protected), in order to define its own safety protocol further supporting those imposed by authorities. This includes a list of guidelines and good practices that the company undertakes for the safety of everybody, employees and customers alike.

Temperature-taking at store entrance for customers and staff/collaborators.
Closed-door entrance service, and queue management.
Arrangement of alternate entrance and exit points.
Hand sanitiser stations on floors for customers use.
Supply of masks, disposable gloves and hand sanitiser for all staff.
Increased cleaning and disinfectant services.
Limited number access to floors.
Floor markings to indicate safety distances and retractable barrier posts, when necessary, at tills.
Free sachet of hand sanitiser with each purchase.
All our services are operational (tailoring service, home delivery, deliveries, OnDemand, Customer Services, Returns).

In addition to the provisions described above, the Protocol envisages the following for 
Bars and Restaurants:
Management of the queue to enter restaurants, with distancing measures.
Entrance to Restaurants only when instructed by personnel.
Maximum number of customers, calculated on the basis of the instructions by the Government and the Ministerial Decrees.
Reservations are recommended. The reservations register will be kept for 14 days.
Tables are to be distanced one from the other.
People must sit at the table keeping the required distance.
FAMILY tables are to be provided as per legislative directives, and they do not require distancing.
Personnel must wear masks and gloves. 
Tables must be sanitised after use each time for next customers.
Counter service with distancing.
Table items such as salt and pepper shakers and oil bottles will not be on the table, but will be brought to the table by personnel and sanitised after use.
Menu: plastic-coated to allow sanitising or paper so as to be disposed of after use or in QR code digital format.
Sanitising gel dispensers for customers.
Customers who must dispose of gloves or masks will give them to restaurant personnel, who will collect them from the customers at the table using specific containers.
Containers to dispose of gloves or masks for customers are also available directly inside the restaurants and bars. 
Payments must be made at the table, preferring electronic contactless POS payments. 

Safety Measures document to each store, shared with all collaborators/employees.

Our store is open 7 days a week, with longer opening hours.
Please always maintain a social distance.
Where possible, please use escalators or stairs instead of lifts; if you need to use the lift, please respect the maximum number of occupants as indicated on the sign outside.
Face masks and gloves must be worn, as laid down by the Regional Authority order.
Please ask a sales assistant before trying on an item of clothing.
Please pay, where possible, by credit card or cash card, to reduce the physical handling of cash.

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