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​The spin-off of the exhibition LR100-Rinascente Stories of Innovation

​The spin-off of the exhibition LR100-Rinascente Stories of Innovation floor -1

A century of tastes and trends is on display at the Rinascente flagship store of Via del Tritone.

In 2017, Rinascente celebrated the hundredth anniversary of its own name, created by the poet Gabriele D’Annunzio, with a first-rate exhibition at Palazzo Reale in Milan. “LR100-Rinascente Stories of Innovation” traces the evolution of the department store, from 1865 up to the present day, highlighting how Rinascente contributed to pivotal changes in the daily life of the developing consumer society by creating new legends and archetypes in tastes and stimulating the evolution of new production systems linked to the fields of fashion and design.

Now, from 1 to 27 February, the most important sections of the exhibition will be hosted in the Exhibition Area of Rome’s new Rinascente flagship store, focusing on areas in which the company has shown extraordinary ability in planning and delivery.

The selected themed areas will highlight the role of Rinascente in the advancement of advertising graphics, prêt-à-porter collections and design. They underline how ongoing collaboration projects with the best creative artists led to unusual and unique window dressing and shop displays, and an avant-garde image. They will also spotlight the active commercial dynamism of the company and its ability to engage the interest both of the public and employees.